Welcome to CYL Corporation Berhad

CYL is headquartered in Malaysia and was listed on the Main Market (previously known as “Second Board”) of Bursa Malaysia (previously known as “Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange”) on the 21st of April 2003. CYL is setup as an Investment Holding Company whereby its sole subsidiary Perusahaan Jaya Plastik (M) Sdn Bhd is principally involved in the plastics packaging industry. The company has more then 25 years of experience in the plastics packaging industry and is constantly at the forefront of plastics packaging technology in its mission to provide the best quality product with competitive pricing for its customers in various industries.

Its state of the art manufacturing facility is located at Shah Alam spanning a total area of about 330,000 square feet.

The company’s products are manufactured under stringent manufacturing standards including the ISO 9001 : 2000, Quality Management Systems and HACCP MS 2007 for manufacturing of pharmaceutical and food packaging products.